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Kamau Vuur

Born in a prison and raised there his whole life by his mother, Kamau’s life changed forever after his mother’s plan to break him out of the prison succeeded.

He is now raised by his deceased father’s mentor Alloid. Kamau made a promise to his mother to live a good and honest life and he will do anything that he thinks would make her proud.

As he discovers the world, he also discovers himself and what the Dark Vulcan is.

Kamau in combat is very sporatic. He’s always picking up different techniques and styles from others. You’ll never know what he does next.

Nyah Leier

Nyah is a headstrong, take action now kind of girl. She had to grow up learning the lesson that you can’t rely on others to take action when you can make the difference yourself.

She loved her life aspiring to become a great leader of the Kondo Nation like Lady Kasia was. Nyah liberate Kondo from their oppressors, but she’s going to learn that the greatest leaders always know when and where to act.

You can expect to see a quick brawler in combat. She makes short bursts of attacks and is amazing at finding openings in her opponent.

Zahy Asante

As a person Zahy is one that tends to go with the flow. He is very verbal but not always honest. He resides in the city of Kondo and becomes Kamau’s first friend and intends to get him accommodated to social norms in Kondo. They’ll soon find out that their ties are a lot closer than they think.
Zahy is a unique fighter. He wraps his right hand in a cloth that is imbued with his spirit energy. This is something he developed on his own. Maybe there’s more to him than he lets on.

Ian Wys

Kondos very own prodigy. Ian is the spearhead behind the newly developed combat style in Kondo. He is amazing with kids and a renown teacher of all. What makes him special is his interest in the past and the visions that he gets. Though they are all jumbled he spends a lot of time piecing them together to figure what’s past present and future.
Ian often calls himself The Great Ian with the kids but it comes with reason. Ian’s spiritual energy is so strong that he has never been beaten. He mastered a full offensive fighting style due to his ability of shock absorbing that he developed over time. He is very formidable and not one you want opposing you.

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