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Stain vs Donald Trump? How are they similar??

Spoiler alert (If you haven’t watched Season 2 of my hero academia, please stop reading or continue at your own risk)

Blog topic- Similarities of Stain (My hero academia) and Donald Trump.

Everyone loves a good villain when it comes to stories of good versus evil. There are many beloved villains that both anime and western cartoons contain. People have liked villains such as Vegeta (Who becomes good from Dragon ball Z), Zabuza Momochi and Pain from Naruto, and of course let’s not forget the infamous Joker from the batman series.

But I’m not here to talk about them. There’s one that has stood out for quite some time and has piqued my interest. This villain’s name is Stain from the anime called My hero academia. (Spoilers from this point). Stain is one of the most recent villains in the popular anime from season 2. Stain hunts down heroes and murders them in which he got his nickname “Hero Killer”. Stain’s goal is to purge the world of all fake heroes who are not up to his standard of being a hero. He is strong believer in his beliefs and will stand by his beliefs no matter what.

I will try not say too much so that way anybody reading doesn’t get too much info. Anyway, Stain is taken down by the students and is unconscious. However, one of the main characters was ambushed by a villain whats known as a “Nomu”. Stain regains consciousness and saves the student. Weird right for a villain? But now here is the interesting part. He made a speech saying that all of the heroes that are around are fakes and except one which is all might.

Stain will do everything in his power to make society right and show the true meaning of being a hero. This speech was filled with malice behind and struck fear into all the heroes around him. The feeling was so strong the stronger heroes fell on their behinds. This speech was captured and shown on the news and went viral on the internet. Guess who also saw this speech? Unknown villains who were doing nothing but petty crimes, but since that video emerged, these villains are showing up on by one committing heinous crimes. Stain has had a major impact on the villains and now crimes are rising.

Doesn’t this sound familiar though? I mean in real life wise. Don’t we have someone who made a speech and now certain groups are committing hate crimes? Yes, we do and its none other than Donald J Trump, our president of the United States. During his campaign, he made his “Make America great again” speech and thousands have applauded him for it. But you know who else watched that speech? White supremacy groups. They took in their own interpretation of that speech and started doing things differently now that a supporter of white supremacy is in office. Now all the closet racist who saw the speech are now committing hate crimes all over the United States. All it took was someone to motivate them to do it.

What do you think?

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