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Gotta love the goofball badasses. Luffy&Natsu

Everyone loves a good badass character. Especially when it comes to anime. You know, the character that is super strong and can take on almost in the whole entire Army. Those serious badasses, yeah, those badasses lol. However, there is also the kind of characters that are super silly, but also insanely strong. In this topic, I am going to talk about two main characters from two different animes that are very similar. Let’s talk about the main characters of One Piece and Fairy Tail.

Let’s start off with the main character of One Piece, and that is Monkey. D. Luffy. This character is out to set sail to find the treasure that is known as one piece. The treasure that will make his dream of becoming King of the Pirates to become a reality. Although at first glance, you would think that this character is nothing but a silly goofball. Nobody will be able to take him seriously. I mean, you do kind of have to agree with the audience when it comes to this one. All he does is eat, sleep, and fools around. He often tends to go into situations without thinking at all as well. Hell, even the way he looks is odd. Let’s not even get started with the way he talks. It’s like his voice matches his personality. But do not let all this fool you. Behind all that foolishness, is one sick badass character that will beat the living crap out of anyone that disrespects him or his crewmates. He doesn’t care who you are, what’s your Social status, royalty or not, black or white, big or small, this man will go against you and best believe he will beat the living crap out of you. He has done so many times in the series, even when he was at his limits. This man somehow finds some incredible way to beat his opponents. He is a lot smarter than he looks and acts. He will fool you so do not think twice when you are up against this man. His power comes from him eating a forbidden fruit called the devil fruit. His especially is called the gum-gum fruit in which its name implies that his body stretches like gum so to speak like rubber. That’s Luffy for you.

Now on to the main character of Fairy Tail or should I say the most popular character in Fairy tail, Natsu Dragneel. Natsu is a member of a wizard guild called Fairy tail and is one of its most powerful wizards in the entire guild. He is also known as the salamander for his fire based magic. His magic is based on Dragon slayer magic in which the name implies for its self that it is meant to slay dragons. Oddly enough, Natsu was raised by a dragon who had gone missing. Natsu is very rambunctious and loves to have fun. Not to mention he is very competitive with his other guild members. Overall, he is a loving character loved by all. However, do not get on his bad side fore he does not tolerate any mistreatment of his friends or his fellow guild members. He will deck it out with just about anyone who dare does so. It is shown in the series many times.

Fairy tail and One piece are both very popular animes adored by many, however research has shown that fans tend to like Fairy Tail more than One piece for one reason. They do not like One piece’s art style. It is also a very long running anime and it takes awhle before things start actually getting really intense. One piece has over 700 episodes. So if you feel like binge watching your heart out, then this is your anime.

What do you think?

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