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Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony Review

Have you ever wanted to unlock your inner Detective? Well look no further because if you like anime and want to do that as well then playing Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony is your best choice. 

In this visual novel video game, you play as a certain character and solve the many mysterious murders that happened in the game. 

In the world of Danganronpa, the murders that happened in this game are all

according to a very merciless killing game in which a bunch of high schoolers get together to figure out 

who out of all of them commits a murder. 

The students must guess correctly on who committed the murder because if they don’t then they all will die except the one who committed the murder. This is not

your only task however; the other task is to find out the truth of where this killing game is occurring at which is known as Hope’s Peak Academy. Who’s behind this killing game?

That is your main quest for this game. What is unique about this video game is the punishments that are given when the students guess correctly who committed the murder. The punishments are unique because it fits perfectly with who the murderer is. For example, let’s say a student was very talented in comedy stand-ups. 

A punishment fit for that would be a bunch of people throwing things at the comedian while he’s standing on stage and these things could be knives, already broken bottles, and it could be hundreds of these things are being thrown. These punishments are very gruesome and I’m pretty sure it’s what everybody wants to see. 

I personally really enjoyed the story that came along with the game as well as a

punishment. However, I will say that the beginning is very slow and it takes awhile to get to the actual trials that play to figure out who committed the murder. 

The game itself makes you feel like you are the actual student and doing things as if you are the student and that’s what I enjoy the most. I could interact with many of the characters that was present in the game and build relationships with them. Building

relations in the game can be very helpful when it comes to the trial part. All in all I give this game a solid 9.5 out of 10. Also if you are new to the Danganronpa series, I highly suggest you watch the anime

first and get a good taste of how it is before actually buying the game.

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